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Bucket of Awesome Guided Memory Book

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Bucket of Awesome Guided Memory Book

Item #: prod4460006 *
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Dimensions 5.50'' W x 8.50'' H x 1.00'' D
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Your life has a story, and every day you choose how you tell that story. Is it tragic, hilarious, boring, or triumphant? You decide. And every day, you choose the tone of what happens next based on the way you remember and frame your past.


Bucket of Awesome is a processing and writing guidebook to help put your life into joyful and hopeful focus. Working through its pages, you will learn and remember all the things that have made your life so remarkable and you will come to tell your story from a place of joy and optimism. You will get the benefit of a renewed sense of gratitude and purpose, and those who come after will be inspired by a document that tells the story of your unique life and perspective. If you don’t think you have a story worth telling, let this book open your eyes to your Awesome!