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John Derian In The Garden Notebooks

Item #: 82247

John Derian In The Garden Notebooks

Item #: 82247
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Dimensions 6.00'' W x 8.50'' H x 0.23'' D
Product Type Book
Brand Artisan Books
Weight 0.99 LBS

What inspires you? A rose in full bloom, the bright faces of pansies as you kneel in the garden? Or lovely old books and illustrations from naturalists who set out to record the world? John Derian is an artist and designer whose work with printed images of the past transports the viewer to another time and place. Take the journey with him in this set of notebooks perfect for recording thoughts, impressions, lists, and drawings. Includes: 3 blank, unruled notebooks; 6 unique front and back cover illustrations; 64 pages each.