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Patterns of the Universe Coloring Book

Item #: prod82251

Patterns of the Universe Coloring Book

Item #: prod82251
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Dimensions 8.50'' W x 8.45'' H x 0.60'' D
Product Type Coloring Book
Brand The Experiment
Weight 0.84 LBS

Contemplate the Patterns of the Universe as you color! Math is at the heart of many natural wonders and has an abstract beauty all its own–in the silhouette of a snowflake, the spiral seeds of a sunflower, and the symmetry of the Sri Yantra mandala. From the 4-D hypercube that casts a starlike shadow, to the infinite pattern of Penrose tiles that never perfectly repeats, these 57 exquisite designs reveal their secrets as you fill them with color. Art becomes an act of discovery–no math knowledge is required! In the bonus Creating section, as you join dots, flip coins, and follow other simple steps, 12 surprising images will emerge before your eyes. This is an adventure for all ages – and a treasure for artists in Numberland!