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Learn to Doodle Journaling Kit

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Dimensions 1.25'' W x 11.00'' H x 12.50'' D
Product Type Journaling Kit
Brand Tombow
Weight 0.75 LBS

Bring your imagination to life with Tombow's new Learn to Doodle Kit. Includes everything you need to start doodling. Instructional book features 30 pages of doodling techniques, including 330+ examples and step-by-step illustrations to guide you through drawing creative doodles. Learn how to draw an assortment of plants, flowers, animals, insects, and everyday items. Add personality to your doodles by learning how to include kawaii style features to inanimate objects. Contains 18 TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers, 1 MONO Twin Permanent Marker, and a 30-page instructional book. TwinTone colors included in kit: 06 Yellow Green, 25 Red, 76 Carrot Orange, 48 Honey Orange, 03 Yellow, 07 Green, 85 Emerald Green, 74 Aqua, 45 French Blue, 15 Blue, 21 Pale Purple, 19 Violet, 81 Raspberry, 77 Cherry Pink, 60 Princess Pink, 79 Candy Pink, 49 Gray, 41 Chocolate.