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Leather Cleaner No. 2

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Dimensions 2.50'' W x 5.75'' H x 1.50'' D
Product Type Leather Cleaner
Brand Chamberlains Leather Milk
Weight 0.16 LBS
Straight Cleaner Formula No. 2 is a mild blend of water, alcohol and other non-alkaline cleaning ingredients that softly removes substances that may damage leather. No. 2 is perfect for giving your leather a more thorough cleaning treatment. This cleaner will penetrate into the leather fibers and help loosen CCS (collected clogging substances), providing a safe 'wash' for your leather item. Environmentally healthy, this formula contains no saddle soaps, solvents or synthetic chemicals. Designed to be used in conjunction with our Leather Care Liniment No.1 or Water Protectant No.3.