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Notecard Kit

Item #: prod5040086

Notecard Kit

Item #: prod5040086
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Dimensions 9.60'' W x 6.20'' H x 2.25'' D
Product Type Card Set
Brand Compendium
Weight 0.35 LBS

Every day there are countless opportunities to genuinely connect--or reconnect--with the people who matter in your life. Whether it's a family member, friend, former coworker, or mentor that comes to mind, this kit offers you the chance to reach out in a meaningful way to all those who have made an impact on you.


With one card to send each week of the year, tips on note-writing, and a journal to keep track of your memories and reflections, you'll see how simple it is to remember and rediscover the wonderful connections that are uniquely yours.


Includes a guided journal to chronicle your year of connection


Elegant box is perfect to keep on a desk for convenient writing


13 each of 4 unique card designs


"...Every gift is exactly that, a gift." --Maya Angelou