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PictoMazes Paperback Book

Item #: prod82250

PictoMazes Paperback Book

Item #: prod82250
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Dimensions 8.00'' W x 10.00'' H x 0.25'' D
Product Type Puzzle Book
Brand Workman Publishing
Weight 0.88 LBS

The compulsive joy of problem-solving meets the mindfulness of coloring in a new puzzle challenge from Nikoli, the original creators of Sudoku. Ordered by level of difficulty, easy to hard, these 53 mazes combine brain-stretching concentration with an almost meditative workout of your short-term memory. Start to follow the maze, and as the line of your pencil twists and turns, a hidden image ingeniously comes into focus. Volia, it’s an animal! There’s a chimpanzee, a great horned owl, a common sawshark, a red panda, and more, each with its own distinct spirit. Then color the path and really bring your PictoMaze creature to life!